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XR510 Dock / Charging Base

RM 85.00

Dock / Charging Station


Compatible Models : 

IROVA XR510A (Grey)

IROVA XR510B (Black)

IROVA XR510C (Green)

IROVA XR510D (Metallic Silver)


Warranty : (1) year warranty


What's Included :

1 x Dock / Charging Station


How to care for your robot vacuum cleaner Dock?

  • If the machine fails to successfully return home to dock to auto-charge, never manually carry the machine home to engage charging.
  • Machine will not charge properly and will only charge partially-full if user manually engage charging at dock.
  • If machine fails to return, manually charge directly from charger wire for about ~15 mins. After that, place the machine near to its dock and engage machine's "Home Mode" to direct it to return to dock.
  • "Home Mode" is engaged by using the included remote controller "Dock" button. Machine will search for Dock to return for charging.