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Shogun Power Peeler set

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Shogun Power Peeler


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All you need to peel, decorate and julienne.

It’s no ordinary peeler!

Every kitchen should have a versatile, super sharp and easy to use Shogun Power Peeler . The Power Peeler is not just a peeler, it includes a V slicing board for paper thin slices that will melt in your mouth. We also include a julienne cutter to complete the set, absolutely free!



·         Super sharp serrated stainless steel blade

·         Two specialised cutting rings

·         Unique double blade design

·         Peels, slices, shaves, shreds, decorates and more

·         "V” slicing board perfect for decorating and garnishing

·         1 year quality guarantee

Detail Description:

The Shogun Power Peeler is no ordinary peeler, it's also a food decorator and a garnishing tool. The unique double blade design made from the finest professional quality surgical steel allows you to peel twice as fast! You can even slice or grate cheese or chocolate…There are two specialized cutting rings on either side used to remove potato spots or pineapple thorns. The Shogun even comes with its own super slicing board that converts it to a handy slicer…for perfect paper thin slices that will melt in your mouth. The Julienne cutter is made from the same high quality design, the extra layer of micro knives will cut through any food and vegetable for the perfect Julienne strips. The Shogun Power Peeler is the last peeler you'll ever buy.