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Shogun Knife Sharpener

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Shogun Blade Sharpener


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The fast, safe way to sharpen any blade.

The world’s best blade sharpener.

Sharpening blades can be dangerous and requires that you concentrate on the angle the knife meets the sharpener. The Shogun blade sharpener not only keeps your hands away from the sharpening process, but only requires 3 or 4 quick swipes of the blade for precision sharpening!



·         Sharpens any blade

·         Unique suction cup

·         Tungsten carbide sharpening blades

·         Safe & easy to use

·         1 year quality guarantee



Detailed description:

The Shogun Blade Sharpener is made from durable Tungsten Carbide Steel and will sharpen any blade. Simply snap it onto a smooth surface, pull back 3 or 4 times and your knives will be restored to a perfectly sharp edge. The unique suction cup ensures your hands are out of harmful way, making it the safest blade sharpener available. The Shogun Blade Sharpener can even sharpen serrated knives, tools and garden equipment!