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M-H488 Dock / Charging Station

RM 75.00

Dock / Charging Station


Compatible Models : 

IROVA M-H488 Silver (A3) 

IROVA A7 White


Warranty : (1) year warranty


What's Included :

1 x Dock / Charging Station


How to care for your robot vacuum cleaner Dock?

  • If the machine fails to successfully return home to dock to auto-charge, never manually carry the machine home to engage charging.
  • Machine will not charge properly and will only charge partially-full if user manually engage charging at dock.
  • If machine fails to return, manually charge directly from charger wire for about ~15 mins. After that, place the machine near to its dock and engage machine's "Home Mode" to direct it to return to dock.
  • "Home Mode" is engaged by holding MH488 Max Button (A7 "L" Button). While holding down the button, turn On the machine main power. Release the button after successfully turn on. Machine will search for Dock to return for charging.