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M-H488 Battery Pack

RM 180.00

MH488 & A7 Rechargeable Battery Pack


Compatible Models : 

IROVA M-H488 Silver (A3) 

IROVA A7 White


Warranty : (6) months warranty


What's Included :

1 x Rechargeable Battery Pack (Black Enclosed Case + Battery)


Installation Details :

  1. Detach one end of the battery clip and remove other side after.
  2. Position the New replacement according to its battery terminal points.
  3. Ensure side brush hair is not in the way or stuck, then press downwards till two clicks are heard and the battery is securely in position.
  4. Charge till fully charged before 1st time use.


How to care for your robot vacuum cleaner Rechargeable Battery?

  • Never charge the robotic vacuum longer than required. Average charging time is around 4-5 hours.
  • Never leave the robotic vacuum cleaner manually direct-charging overnight. Over-charging is detrimental to battery lifespan.
  • Never leave the robotic vacuum cleaner without charge for extended periods of time (>1 month) This will cause the rechargeable battery to enter "slumber mode" and is detrimental to the battery life span.
  • If you are not using the robotic vacuum cleaner for extended periods of time, remove the rechargeable battery from the machine.