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IROVA Wet Mopping B3000 Plus Auto Charging Robot Vacuum Cleaner w/ Microfiber Cloth

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Sweep, Vacuum, Sterilize & Wet Mop  

Performs 4 functions including Wet Mopping at the same time.

Operates On All Types of Indoor Flooring incl. Ceramic, Marble, Wooden & Carpet (below 2 inch thickness)

UV Light is automatically turned on while Cleaning to Kill Bacterial.

Operates up to around 90Mins per Full Charge. 

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Twin Side Brushes & Suction Motor

Twin Side Brushes Sweep Edges & Corners.

Cleans Hair, Dirt, Animal Fur & Dust Particles.

Dirt & Dust is Swept into Center Area where a Strong 25W Suction Motor Collects it into the Dustbin.

Spring Loaded Wheels allows device to climb up to 2cm height obstacles.

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Navigation, Floor Sensors & Space Isolator

Front Sensors Detects Walls & Furniture without touching, leaving no scratches.

Spring Rubber Bumper acts as a Secondary Object Sensor.

4 Groups of Floor Sensors prevents device from Falling off Stairs & Gaps above 2 inches.

Space Isolator sends out a signal that acts as a "wall", blocking device from entering other areas.


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Easy Maintenance

Side Brush is easily removed for weekly hair tangle cleaning.

Dustbin contains 2 levels of filtration before expelling Clean Air.

Fine Mesh netting filters larger hair & dirt particles.

HEPA filters fine micro-particle dust.

All Dustbin components are Washable & Reusable.

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4 Modes, Touchscreen Display & Remote Controller

Auto Mode: Robot switch between Spot & Edge base on working area.

Spot Mode: Circle moving from Small circle to Large Circle.

Edge Mode: Clean dirt prone corners following room edge.

Schedule Mode: Set Device to clean at specific time Everyday.

Device will return for Auto-Charging when Battery Low in all Modes.


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Removable Microfiber Wet Mopping

Attach Mopping Base under Device for Wet Mopping.

Water Tank keeps Microfiber Cloth Moist making it effective at collecting subborn dirt & dust.

Microfiber Cloth removes via Velcro for Hand or Machine Wash.

Safe to add small amount of Liquid Floor Detergent into water Tank.

NOT a substitute for cleaning spilled liquid on the floor!



* * * Key Specs * * *

leanpub_info-circle resize 75.jpgProduct Specifications :  

90 mins.jpgRechargeable Battery 2000mAh.jpg9.5 Min Gap.jpgK6 Charger Pin.jpg


Brand : IROVA 

Model No. : B3000 Plus (Black) 

Unit Dimensions : 34cm (diameter) x 9cm (height) 

Charging Time : Approx. 3 - 4 Hours

Battery Capacity : Rechargeable NiMH 14.4V/ 2000mAh

Dustbin Capacity : 300ml

Charger : Included, Malaysia Compatible 2-Pin Plug

Warranty : (1) year for machine, (6) months for battery


User Manual Icon Mini 75.jpgUser Manual : B3000 Plus User Manual.PDF


biesiedaseliemientamiighrypokoritielikosmosa_11 resize 75.jpgW hat's Included : 

B3000 Items Included 420.jpg

1 x IROVA B3000 Plus Robot Vacuum w/ Dustbin & Side Brush

1 x Rechargeable Battery (pre-installed)

1 x Docking / Charging Station

1 x Power Adaptor / Charger

1 x Remote Controller

2 x Spare Side Brush (1 Pair)

1 x Spare HEPA Filter

1 x Spare Microfiber Mop Cloth

User Manual & Cleaning Brush Tool