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IROVA K6 (2nd Gen), K6L (2nd Gen) & K5A Side Brush - 1 Pair

RM 25.00

3-Leg Side Brush (1 pair)


Compatible Models : 

IROVA K6 Blue (2nd Gen)

IROVA K6L Black (2nd Gen)



Warranty : None


What's Included :

1 x Left label Side Brush for K6/K6L

1 x Right label Side Brush for k6/K6L


How to care for your robot vacuum cleaner Side Brush?

  • Before cleaning session always ensure the target area flooring is clear of rope-like items like Wires, Cables or string. This will avoid said items of tangling up with the side brush of the machine.
  • Clear the side brush area of hair and other dirt frequently.
  • Croked or flaired brushes can be straightened by dipping the edges of the Side Brush leg into hot water (~80 degrees) for a few minutes then gently bend the hair back into shape.