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IROVA K6/K6L Mop Pad Base

RM 30.00

K6/K6L Mop Cloth Base


Compatible Models : 

IROVA K6 Blue (2nd Gen)

IROVA K6L Black (2nd Gen)


Warranty : None


What's Included :

1 x Mop Cloth Base


How to care for your robot vacuum cleaner Mop Cloth Base?


  • Remove the Mop Cloth Base if Dry Mopping is not required during operation.
  • Remove the Mop Cloth Base by pushing the base to one side and lift one end up. Remove the other end hook to remove it fully.
  • Mop Cloth replacements can be obtained in supermarket, under Disposable Cleaning Cloth segment. One such Brand example is Magic Clean.
  • Install the mop cloth by lifting up the plastic clip, NOT slipping the cloth inside the gap cracks. Clip the four corners of the clip securely. If the cloth is too large, cut it smaller.
  • Over-sized cloth may come loose and get stuck in between the wheels.