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IROVA K6/K6L Front Wheel (2nd Gen)

RM 30.00

K6/K6L Front Wheel


Compatible Models : 

IROVA K6 Blue (2nd Gen)

IROVA K6L Black (2nd Gen)


Warranty : None


What's Included :

1 x Front Wheel


*Center pinion shaft not provided together, item is reused with new wheel.


How to install the New K6/K6L front wheel?

K6/K6L Front Wheel Disassembly and replacement

  1. To remove the K6/K6L front wheel you will require a small-medium sized flat-head "-" screwdriver.
  2. Between the gaps of the wheel and its holder, wedge the edge of the flat-head screwdriver and apply some pressure to pop the wheel out.
  3. Take extra care to the wheel rotating shaft/pin as this component will be reused later on.
  4. Remove the faulty/damaged front wheel.
  5. Clear the wheel shaft/pin from dirt or hair and slot in the new front wheel.
  6. Slot the wheel back into the holder.


How to care for your robot vacuum cleaner Front Wheel?


  • Periodically check the front wheel part to ensure smooth rotation and circular movement.
  • Remove the wheel to clean if tangled or clogged with dirt.
  • Ensure parts are kept properly when removed as components are small and may easily roll away and get lost.
  • Operate the cleaner on smooth flooring only to reduce the possibility of sharp edges or objects like : tile uneven/raised edges & pebbles etc. damaging the rubber front wheel.