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Irova ExVac Ultrasonic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

RM 799.00 RM 1,899.00

Non-Contact Ultrasonic Sensor 
Navigational Mapping 
Low Operating Noise 
90Mins Working 


3-In-1 Cleaning Solution Sweep, Vacuum & Dry Mop

  • Square Shaped & Twin Side Brushes for edge & corners sweeping
  • Wide mouth 19cm long Bottom Brush Sweeping
  • Powerful Simultaneous Sweeping & Vacuum Cleaning
  • Optional Dry Mopping Cloth


7 Cleaning Modes


     Auto       Along-The-Wall       Spiral        Zig-Zag     Schedule



Full Go - Orders the robot cleaner to return to dock and automatically starts cleaning for one complete cycle when fully recharged.

!! NEW Feature !! Turbo Mode - Robot machine will work at a faster speed to cover more surface area per cleaning session. Takes shorter amount of time to cover same surface area compared to normal speed mode.


Ultrasonic Sensor Inertial Navigation - Calculated Cleaning Plan

Ultrasonic Sensors of the robot machine uses soundwaves to detect a wide 3m range of obstacles in the area; together with the build-in gyroscope is able to calculate and plan an efficient cleaning path to avoid missing any areas.

In addition, ultrasonic sensors allows for Non-Contact Navigation. ExVac will not touch and cause nasty scratches to your expensive metallic or rosewood furniture.

ExVac does not require a physical bumper as even thin chair legs can be detected by its ultrasonic sensors.


Long working time Lithium-Ion Battery & Auto-Charging Enabled

Designed with a 2200mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, ExVax can operate up to 90 mins of working time while providing low self-discharge rates and better lifespan than Nickel-based batteries. ExVac comes with a Docking Station for Auto-Charging when in low battery mode.


Other Features :

Large 750ml Dustbin Compartment

Spring Loaded Wheels able to climb up to 2cm obstacle height

Two sided, hand-wash friendly mop cloth

Efficient Two-Stage Filtering System - Fine Mesh & HEPA

Voice Responsive & Feedback

Silent Operational Noise

Ground Sensors for stairs avoidance

Remote Control for Manual Control

Magnetic Space Isolator Strip (do not require batteries)

Washable dustbin & simple maintenance


Product Specifications :


: IROVA Mamibot ExVac


: White


: 315mm(W) x 315mm(L) x 84mm(H)

Rated Power

: 18.4V @ 20W

Dustbin Capacity

: 750ml

Battery Capacity

: 2200mAh, Lithium-Ion

Operational Time

: Up to 90 Mins

Charging Time

: 3-4 hours

Charger Plug

: 3-pin BS1363(Type G)


: (1) Year manufacturer warranty for machine &

  (6) Months for battery


Package Includes :

1 x IROVA ExVac w/Side brush

1 x Rechargeable battery (pre-installed)

1 x Power Adaptor / Charger

1 x Dock / Auto-Charging Station

1 x Magnetic Boundary Strip (2m)

1 x Remote Controller

1 x Trailing Bar w/Mop Cloth

1 x Spare Side Brush Pair

1 x Spare Dustbin HEPA Filter

1 x Spare Mop Cloth

User Manual & Cleaning Tools