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I-ROVA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner A7

RM 575.00 RM 1,000.00

I-ROVA A7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Efficient Auto-Charging Cleaner


Efficient 3-In-1 Cleaner

Sweeps corners and edges & efficient floor cleaning with twin main brushes

Vacuums fine dirt & dust with powerful suction motor

Dry Mopping wipes and pick up any stubborn dust particles on flooring surface.


Various Working Modes

Spot : For localized small area cleaning, e.g. bread crumbs cleaning after child eating

Clean : Operates about 30 mins cleaning, suitable for small room.

Max : Operates around 60 mins till low battery mode, then search & returns to dock for charging.

Schedule : Pre-set preferred operational time daily 7 days a week. (requires dock)

Auto : Operates Once per day after being fully charged and returns to dock to charge when low battery (requires dock)


Included Features

Auto-Charging when battery low

Space Isolator device to limit/block robot cleaner from entering sensitive areas e.g. prayer altars

Sensor for stairs falling avoidance & obstacle navigation

Remote controller to control robot operation

Removable mopping pad

Readily available spare parts and servicing for aftersales repairs/warranty

Updated external design compared to predecessor for a cleaner and modern look


Product Specifications :

Model : I-ROVA A7

Colour : White

Dimensions : 34cm (D) x 9cm (H)

Battery capacity : 1700mAh

Operational time : Up to 60 minutes

Charging time : 4 – 5 hours

Dustbin capacity : 250ml

Input voltage : 100 – 240V

Unit average power : 19 – 25W

Warranty : (1) year for machine, (6) months for battery


Package includes :

1 x I-ROVA A7 Vacuum Cleaner w/ Side Brush & Filter

1 x Rechargeable battery pack (pre-installed)

1 x Power Adapter / Charger

1 x Charging station (Docking Station)

1 x Virtual Wall Unit (batteries NOT included)

1 x Remote Controller (batteries NOT included)

1 x Mop Pad Base

1 x Spare Filter

1 x Spare Side Brush

2 x Mop Pad Cloth

User Manual & Cleaning Tools