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Halogen Convection Oven with Air Fryer extension ring

RM 199.00 RM 368.00

Product Specifications:-

12-litre halogen oven

- Weight: 7.5kg

- Dimensions: 380mm x 380mm x 290mm

- Colour: White

- Capacity: 12 Litres without extension ring, 16 Litres with extension ring

Multifunctional cooker with 8 ways of cooking: bakes, broils, roasts, toasts, grills, steams, browns, fries

Hot air circulates, with up to 3 times faster cooking time

Healthier cooking with no soot


1-year warranty against manufacturing defects


Package includes:

1 x Halogen Oven set

1 x high Rack

1 x low Rack

1 x Tong

1 x Lid Holder

1 x Air fryer extension ring

1 x operation manual