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ExVac Middle Brush

RM 35.00

ExVac Middle Brush


Compatible Models : 



Warranty : None


What's Included :

1 x Hair Spiral Brush

1 x Rubber Bearing Bush


Installation Details :

  1. Remove the brushes by releasing both the clip lock on the Middle Brush Frame Cage. The cover will be able to lift up when lock released.
  2. Ensure the new pair of side brushes bearing are rolling freely and smoothly.
  3. Match the left end of the brush part with the shape of the rolling pin
  4. Install the brush and close the Frame Cage to secure it in place.


How to care for your robot vacuum cleaner Main Brush?

  • Before starting cleaning session always ensure the target area flooring is clear of rope-like items like Wires, Cables or string. This will avoid said items of tangling up with the main brush of the machine.
  • Clear the main brush pair of hair and other dirt frequently.
  • The side brush pair can be washed by flowing tap running water over it and gently removing any dust or dirt.
  • After wash, items can be left indoors to dry. Do not have to be sun dried.
  • Ensure items are fully dry before installed back into the machine for use. Wet or moist may cause motor damage.