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DIGILIFE Spin Mop Spinner Flat Mop Cleaner Water Saving Single Action Spin Wash & Dry Microfiber Mop Round Mop Pail Space Saving Mop

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  • DIGILIFE - The Original Easy Mop
  • Save Time - Spin Wash & Dry in 1 Press
  • Save Water - Only 2.5L Water Needed
  • Dirty Water Separated from Clean Rinse Water
  • Cleaner - Large Area Cleaned Efficiently
  • Compact Size & Easy to Carry due to Light Weight
  • Long & Flexible 127cm Stainless Steel Handle
  • Washable & Reuseable Round Microfiber Cloth

How to Use
1. Open the cover and fill the center space with water. Liquid Detergent can be added.
2. Close the cover back in place matching the arrow to the position indicated in red.
3. Release the Spin Lock clip and position the mop in the center of the pail.
4. Press down fast to spin, repeat this 3 times and mop is ready to use!

What's Included:-
1 x WYL-30 Spin Mop Pail
1 x Spin Mop Handle
1 x Round Microfiber Cloth
User Manual