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Bauer MarbleTech 28cm Fry Pan & Lid

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Bauer Marbletech 28cm Frying Pan and Lid


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Now with revolutionary Marbletech for guaranteed non-stick cooking!

The most durable, non-stick cooking surface available.

The favourite non-stick cookware is still SA’s best. With a super durable coating that is super slippery your favourite meals won’t catch and you won’t be left with a mess to clean up!



·         New Marbletech coating – The most durable Bauer coating ever

·         Guaranteed never to warp, buckle or bend

·         Includes ultra hardened tempron glass lid

·         Quick and easy cleaning

·         Scratch Resistant

·         5 Coat fusion technology for unmatched durability with no chipping or peeling

·         The ultimate non-stick surface


Detail Description:

Over 14 years, millions of South Africans have proven Bauer Cookware's Superior quality and chosen the ultimate non-stick surface! Verimark brings you the next generation in the Bauer range - Bauer Marbletech! Cast in the highest-grade aluminium with an extra thick 8mm base, it gives you perfect heat retention and distribution so food is cooked more evenly and efficiently. The new 5-layer Marbletech non-stick coating is the most advanced fusion of non-stick and durability. Bauer Marbletech is available in a selection of frying pans and casseroles.