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Bastille Cordon Bleu Waterless Cookware set of 8 pcs.

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Bastille Cordon Bleu Waterless Cookware set of 8 pcs.

Cookware guaranteed to last a lifetime!

The very best in waterless cookware for optimal nutrition

Seal in natural goodness with Bastille cookware, made from the highest quality stainless steel to the highest standards. A precision built in thermometer helps you control temperature whilst the six piece set is perfect for almost any dish – from soups to casseroles. Preserve natural flavour and colour for the healthiest family meals


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·         Stylish and elegant

·         Manufactured in 18/10 chromium nickel stainless steel

·         Preserves natural goodness, colour and nutrition

·         Built in precision thermometer

·         For the healthiest and tastiest meals

·         Food cooks in its own moisture

·         Perfect fit lid seals in moisture

·         15 day money back guarantee

·         Lifetime guarantee on the stainless steel material and workmanship


Detailed description:


The latest stylish, elegant Italian designed Bastille range is made from only the best 18/10 chromium nickel surgical stainless steel, a top quality stainless steel .

Waterless cooking allows you to cook meats and vegetables in their natural juices taking advantage of their natural vitamins and minerals. This type of cooking is healthier and more flavourful for everyone. The unique, specially designed lids create a seal that prevent excess moisture from escaping in the form of steam, thus sealing in natural goodness and moisture. This is known as Eco Thermo Technology.

Waterless cooking is easy and can take less time than conventional cooking. Heat is evenly distributed, and with no burning or sticking, the pots and pans are much easier to clean. No oil is needed to prevent sticking making your favourite dish lower in fat and kilojoules. The food cooks in its natural juices, which enhances flavour and preserves nutritional value. The thermostat knobs make it possible to easily and conveniently determine the cooking temperature, ensuring food no longer gets burnt.