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It was a dream for many to ever thought of having a robot at home to do their daily chores. The reasons could be due to the availability of technology, the cost of having one, and the effectiveness of the robot.

We have been constantly in search for new technology and develop robots that are effective in performance, yet affordable to large segment of the society.

Our future vision is to break through the technology and cost that every household would be automated and robotized with their daily chores like cleaning, washing and ironing.


How Robot Vacuums Work

These clever robots were designed to help eliminate the dreadful chore of sweeping, vacuuming, sterilizing and even mopping,  so YOU don’t have to do all of the dirty work. With a robot vacuum you can come home everyday to find freshly cleaned floors without having to lift a finger–But HOW?


The Basics:

As you already know, robotic vacuums are automatic floor cleaning robots. These robots use advanced navigationroom mappingscheduling, and sensor technology to clean your floors without needing any human interaction (other than to empty the dustbin and clean the brushes!). These robots come with a built in vacuum that is able to pick up a variety of different debris from your floors. The vacuums are obviously less powerful then your regular upright vacuum, but most robot vacuums still give them a run for their money!


Robotic Vacuum Technology:

The technology used in newer robotic vacuums is far more advanced then it was in earlier models. Now these robots are able to do everything from memorizing your floor plan for efficient cleaning, to automatically charging their own batteries to save you the hassle

Technology included in a robotic vacuum cleaner all depends on what type or brand of robot vacuum it is. Nowadays, there are tons of different models available, with different price range and features. When you are shopping for a robot vacuum you’ll often notice that the more advanced the technology–the higher the price tag. However, do bear in mind that advance technology and features do come with maintanence which may be tedious. It is advisable to buy what you can handle and your needs.

 The combination of sensors, navigation and automatic charging is what makes the robot vacuum cleaner really convenient for the user. The sensors in robot vacuums allow the robot to detect stairs, doorways, and walls. This helps the robot vacuum avoid falling down stairs and to help map the room for a more efficient cleaning, including along the wall cleaning.

Automatic charging is also something that is included in most new robotic vacuum cleaners these days. In general, the automatic charging works with a charging station or “home base” that you plug into the wall. When the robot vacuum’s battery gets too low, it will automatically return to the charging station  and charge itself.


Robotic Vacuum Cleaning:

The most important part of a robot vacuum- The vacuuming! Most robotic vacuums use a system of motors, brushes, sensors, and a powerful vacuum to keep your floors spotless and sparkling. Again, it all depends on the type and brand of robotic vacuum your buy, so the systems and inner workings will differ from vacuum to vacuum.

Generally, a robotic vacuum will use up to 5 motors to move and power the wheels, brushes, and the vacuum itself. When the robotic vacuum starts to clean, the outward brushes will pull in the debris. From here, the inner most brushes will rotate and bring the debris up so the powerful vacuum can suck it all up. After it’s been picked up by the vacuum, the debris will then be collected in the dustbin located on either the front or back of the robot vacuum. The dustbin should be emptied after every use to keep the vacuum running smoothly.

They may be small, but don’t underestimate the suction power in this robot vacuums! They are able to pick up an amazing amount of dirt, dust, food, and even hair from your floors. Most robot vacuums are able to clean every flooring type (expect high pile carpet, like shag) without a problem. Some of the higher end models actually come with technology that adapts to the different flooring types to clean as effectively as possible.