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  1. New robot machine is not operational.

New robot machines do not come fully charged when delivered. It may contain only residue charge for testing. Please charge with the provided compatible charger for 1st time use.


  1. Robot machine unable to return to dock after working session.

When the robot machine enter low battery mode it may be far from the dock station or in a separate room. This will cause the robot machine to be difficult to find the dock station. Manually carry the robot machine and place it on the dock to engage charging.


  1. What is the meaning of the colour on the robot machine "Clean" button?

Green Blinking : RC700 is charging

Green Remains ON :  RC700 is fully charged

Orange Light : Low Battery Mode, seeking charge

Red Light : Error (Stuck, Jam or require attention)


  1. Robot machine displays RED "Clean" light when charging at dock.

Main power switch is "Off". Turn on the Main Power Switch under the robot machine to "On"


  1. Can soap detergent or fresheners be added to the water tank?

Yes. It is advisable to not add too much as it will hinder the mop cloth moisture if the mixture is too thick.


  1. Can the Microfiber mopping cloth be washing machine washed?

Yes, the mopping cloth for RC700 can both be hand or machine washed.