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  1. New robot machine is not operational.

New robot machines do not come fully charged when delivered. It may contain only residue charge for testing. Please charge with the provided compatible charger for 1st time use.


  1. Robot machine cannot operate even after charging for more than 5 hours.

Ensure that the provided compatible charger is used to charge the machine. The charger output rating is DC 19V @ 1A.


  1. Where can the mop cloth be purchased?

IROVA K6/K6L model mop cloth is using disposable cleaning cloth. It can be purchased from department stores. Larger sized cloth can be cut to fit into the mop cloth base.


  1. Why does the robot machine move in a hiccup fashion during operation?

Operating on carpet flooring when mopping cloth is installed will cause the machine to face higher friction. Remove the mop cloth base when using the robot vacuum on carpet flooring.


  1. Robot machine only reverse straight backwards even-thou there is no obstacles in front.

The robot machine ground sensor may be blurred by dirt or dust. Clean the sensor eyes with a brush & retest.