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1. New robot machine is not operational.

New robot machines do not come fully charged when delivered. It may contain only residue charge for testing. Please charge with the provided compatible charger for 1st time use.


2. Robot machine unable to return to dock after working session.

When the robot machine enter low battery mode it may be far from the dock station or in a separate room. This will cause the robot machine to be difficult to find the dock station. 1st manually charge the robot machine directly from charger for ~15mins then using remote controller use "Home Mode" to engage auto-charging.


3. Can i manually carry the robot machine and place on the dock to engage charging?

No, the machine does not engage proper charging if it does not dock by itself. The robot machine will only get charged partially.


4. What is the function of S, M & L buttons on the robot machine?

S is for Small localized cleaning (~5 mins)

M is for Medium sized room (about 30 mins operational)

L is for Large area robot machine will work till battery deplete.


5. Robot machine frequently get stuck under furniture.

Make adjustments to either block off by closing the gap that frequently get stuck, or raise the height of the furniture to avoid robot machine getting stuck.


6. How do i set the robot machine to schedule cleaning?

Consult the manual Page 8. for auto cleaning & timing cleaning function. An online manual is available for download at Product Manuals > IROVA A7


7. Robot machine only reverse straight backwards even-thou there is no obstacles in front.

The robot machine ground sensor may be blurred by dirt or dust. Clean the sensor eyes with a brush & retest.


8. I cleaned my robot machine sensor eyes but it is still moving backwards.

Please check to see if your robot machine bumper is loose or detached. Please contact our customer service for repairs or warranty.