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Whirlwind Automatic Spin Broom Floor Cleaning Stainless Steel Roller Mop Sweeper

RM 39.99

----Push & Sweep----

No batteries required

Simply Push & Roll along for rotation sweeping.

Able to cover a large cleaning area very quickly!

Twin Side Brush sweeps corners & gaps.

Middle Brush sweeps all dirt into collection bin.

----Sweep & Mopping at the same time!----

Equipped with reusable & washable Microfiber Dry Mopping Cloth.

Mopping cloth is easily attached & removed via Velcro fastening.

Sweeper body is washable after cleaning sessions.

----Rapid Flooring Cleaning----

Cleans marble, tiles, wooden & laminated flooring with ease.

Best used for cleaning light weight dirt (hair, confetti, polystyrene beans, beads etc.)

Able to clean under furniture of Min Gap height of 4 inches

NOT suitable for use on carpet flooring!

----Stainless Steel Handle----

Detachable handle made of stainless steel material

200 degrees adjustable head angle.

Handle length of 115cm with comfortable curved L-grip.

----Quality Assurance----

(14) days limited supplier warranty (T&C apply)

Spare Parts & Repair Service available for future replacement

Product Specification :

Model : TKS-X005

Colour : Purple

Weight : 1kg

Dimensions : 280 x 155 x 55 (L x W x H)cm

Warranty :  (14) day(s) local supplier warranty

What's Included :

1 x Roller Mop Sweeper (Head section)

1 x Stainless Steel Handle